Did you know that children should have 12 checkups before age 3?
After age 3, children through age 20 should get a medical checkup every year and a dental checkup every 6 months. Tennessee is committed to helping babies, children, teens, and young adults get the health care they need. To learn more about keeping your child healthy, visit KidCentralTN.com.

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, president of the Tennessee Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, talks about addressing the issue of overweight and obesity in children.

December’s topics include health and wellness in Tennessee, nutritious guidelines and lifestyle choices, and staying healthy during cold and flu season.

Rick Johnson from The Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness talks about Healthier Tennessee and the small steps you can take that add up to a healthier life. While making the choice to live healthier can be difficult, “Healthier Tennessee” is dedicated to encouraging Tennesseans to live healthier lives.

Diabetes Educator Sarah Neil Pilkinton from Williamson Medical Center joins us to share some nutritious guidelines and lifestyle choices to help combat diabetes, a growing epidemic in America and Tennessee alike.

Dr. Brent Coil, a family medicine physician from Nashville Medical Group, discusses cold and flu season and ways to stay healthy this year.