Did You Know… Emergency room visits tend to rise in summer according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Some of the most common reasons include swimming and boating accidents, heat-related illnesses, insect bites, and sports or recreational injuries. While the warm weather brings more opportunity for outdoor activities, be sure to exercise caution, too, to keep your family safe and healthy while enjoying the summer fun. For more information, visit KIDSHEALTH.ORG.

Keeping children safe and out of harm’s way can be difficult, especially in the summer months when children are more active. Emergency Room doctor Allison Bollinger talks about staying safe – and out of the E.R. – this summer.

Jason Boylan from Third and Church Health Care talks about how to know where to go to get the appropriate level of care when an injury or illness strikes; walk-in clinic or emergency room.

Rebecca Morris from the Metro Nashville Health Department talks about the prevalence of smoking in Tennessee, and how to kick the habit.

Dr. Michael Warren with the Tennessee Department of Health discusses infant mortality and the importance of safe sleep practices for babies.

When an injury or illness strikes, how do you make the decision to go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room? Jason Boylan from Third and Church Health Care talks about how to know wherEmercene to go to get the appropriate level of care.

Did you know approximately 14 to 27 percent of all emergency room visits could take place at an urgent care center or retail clinic, according to a 2010 study in the publication Health Affairs?

For non-emergency care, retail clinics and urgent care centers can be more convenient and affordable.

So when your doctor’s office is closed and you need non-emergency care, a walk-in clinic may be able to quickly provide the care you need.